Letting go is hard but necessary

It is evening. The lights are dimmed and the speakers are playing soft acoustic songs. Time to write something to empty my head. Today I thought about letting go. A few years ago I made


How music affects your sports performances

Do you know that feeling? You are going for a run, you put on a song and the energy starts running through your body. Music can be seen as a legal drug that improves sports performance,


Sitting too much is bad for your health

While you are reading this, you are probably demonstrating very unhealthy behaviour. On average we are sitting 9 hours a day and that is risky for our health. Sitting too much is even fatal because

Have a NiceDay.

Have a NiceDay is de online community voor een bewuste en gezonde leefstijl. Onze missie is het bespreekbaar maken van kwetsbaarheid in elke vorm. Wekelijks nieuwe informatie, inspiratie, praktische tips en tricks die je verder helpen in jouw persoonlijke ontwikkeling.


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